The only thing more fun than fixing things is fixing them with free tools.


The Craftsman loot!

The Craftsman loot! Beer was on me, in celebration of the aforementioned loot!

Thanks to a very generous Craftsman tool donation, the last Community Glue Workshop repair clinic involved some pretty sweet tool bags filled with the kinds of tools we use most when repairing:

Digital multimeters (batter testers)

Precision screwdriver sets

Heavy duty screwdriver sets

12″ bar clamps

(Very attractive!) utility knives

Soldering irons

Pliers/needle nose pliers

Tool bags

Beyond these tools, we generally use a lot of glue (all glues are not created equally, btw, and Super Glue truly is a miracle), screws and nuts, sewing needles and machines, and some bike repair tools. We also get creative and bust out a few other random items because lord knows we can’t predict 90% of the things that come through the door. Of course, that’s half the fun.

photo 4

Happy Brian checking out the spoils.

photo 3

Rachel, even more excited. This made me wish we could have given her a car.

photo 2

Ally doing lamp repair with a precision screwdriver, pliers, and a tremendous amount of patience.

photo 1

Stu testing some batteries.

photo 4

Fred fixes a flat, pretty much ever clinic this happens. He’s fixed two of mine and it’s not even winter.

photo 3

Record player diagnosis. Not a belt issue, not an electronic issue, looking like a new needle is needed (bowing for alliteration).

photo 1

Becky’s first electronic toothbrush battery removal. The end had to be twisted and pried with small screw driver and the new battery will require soldering. Yeah, who knew?

Non-Craftsman muffin donation. Yessssssss.

Non-Craftsman muffin donation. Yessssssss.

If you’re in the Chicago area, come check out the next clinic!

If you're in the Chicago area, check out one of our fall repair clinics. Can it fit through a standard door? Let's have at it!


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