Final Community Glue Workshop repair clinic for 2014 – You probably want to be there.

251864_308307849262178_2047452886_nWe’ve had a lot of interest surrounding our Chicago-based repair clinics, so I wanted to plug it once more as we wrap up another year of badassery. December is a rather ridiculous month to schedule with all the holiday hooplah, so we decided to give ourselves and our incredible volunteers a month off to laze about, hunker, and watch football or Downton Abby reruns, uninterrupted.

All are welcome to come to the clinics!

To become a volunteer fixer, email me at

To bring in your broken stuff for repair (or diagnosis if we don’t have the parts needed or the repair would be hazardous): Just show up with something you can push through a standard door frame.

Hope to see a few new faces this month. Otherwise, we’ll see you all in January!

If you're in the Chicago area, check out one of our fall repair clinics. Can it fit through a standard door? Let's have at it!

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